Electric Shutter Repair

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Electric Shutters are fantastic when they are working; but can prove to be a real inconvenience when they are not!

We have years of shutter repair experience and will show when our engineers are on site. We use sophisticated technology to quickly diagnose electrical component failures and always have working replacement component s with us.

If you find yourself in this situation you must call us immediately as more likely than the issue is not that severe. With electric gate issues we are using their on average for 35 minutes, allowing your business to continue as if nothing happened.

If you require an efficient experienced Electric Shutter Repair team which has the capability to repair, service and maintain your Electric shutters regardless of the size, scale and location - call CRB Door Repair on 01709 300 196 or email us at Contact@CRBDoorRepairs.co.uk

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Below are some of the electric shutters we have repaired, installed and maintain.